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The importance of Racquet Stringing


The way a racquet is strung can have a profound effect on how you play. After all, it's your strings that come in direct contact with the ball!   

The Jupiter Tennis Advantage

1. Equipment:  Jupiter Tennis uses a professional grade digital stringing machine. This ensures optimum accuracy and consistency. 

2. Selection: With over 75 string types in stock, you are not limited to just what the stringer/pro likes and has available that day.

3. Expertise: Anthony Taverna is a United Sates Racquet Stringer “Master Racquet Technician”. This designation guarantees the highest quality of stringing and racquet service in the business.

Injury Prevention

Impact shock from an overly taut string bed can do innumerable damage to one’s elbow, wrist, forearm and shoulder.

Many students and customers have alleviated arm pain just by restringing

Of course many factors can contribute to arm pain including the racquet itself, stringing, stroke mechanics and many other outside variables.  If you are experiencing arm pain, please contact me to evaluate all of the above factors and get your arm back into great shape

How Often

The United States Racquet Stringers Association standards are as follows:

Restring the number of times you play in a week, each year, with a minimum of every 6 months

So, for example, if you play 3 times per week then restring 3 times per year, or every 4 months.

* Strings lose both tension and resiliency with time, amount of play and stroke type.

Loss of string tension normally leads to loss of control.  So if you are hitting balls out that would normally go in ...don't be too tough on yourself.  Restring!

Resiliency, is the strings ability to "bounce back" into it's original shape and power level.  Loss of resiliency leads to loss of power and translates into a "thud" sound rather than a "pop" sound.

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