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One on one is the Best ...

There is no better and faster way to improve your game then taking a private lesson with an experienced coach.  


Weather a beginner or highly advanced, adult players benefit greatly from private lessons.  Those who take private lessons on a regular basis improve significantly faster and attain to higher levels of play


The very best way to start your child in tennis is with one on one lessons.  A junior player will reach his/her highest level possible, only if a solid foundation is attained.  Children also have more fun when they see themselves improve.


I highly recommend that beginner players start with a private lesson. This will ensure that a solid foundation is developed which will help the player get the most out of group lessons and practice time


Intermediate players can greatly benefit from private lessons especially if a specific issue needs to be addressed.  Any specific adjustment will take place faster and better with private lessons.

Advanced and Tournament

Players who have reached upper levels of the game can still benefit immensely from one on one training. Areas of improvement at this level include the following:

  1. Advanced tactics & strategy
  2. Mental toughness and acuity
  3. Elite stroke performance
  4. Quickness, strength & endurance.